Unfortunately, procrastination ate my Doctor Who - "End of Time" review. Perhaps I'll have it done by the end of the weekend? At least I have a bunch of interesting links to share, so everyone can procrastinate! Hoorah, procrastination! » Lifehacker compiled a list of Android 2.1's best features, so I can add even more reasons why I hate Rogers to my list. Unfortunately, unless I root it, my HTC Dream will be stuck with Android 1.5. » Indie game developers Wolfire posted an interesting article on why OpenGL should be used instead of DirectX as the API-of-choice for games. I don't know too much about either, so it was an educational read for me. » Cracked Magazine's online site posted this hilarious picture depicting the acting range of Michael Cera. I loved him in Arrested Development but he really needs to try something new. I guess what he does now pays the bills (and more) so I doubt he is complaining. » YouTube user TotemX made this awesome animation of Super Mario Jesus. Yes, you read that right. A work of genius or the result of boredom? Either way, I found it pretty cool. » At CES, Engadget took a look at Dell's new Studio XPS 16 with an OLED display, and man is it fine. Of course, pictures do not do it justice, but the specs are absolutely ridiculous. I hope this technology makes it into televisions ASAP! » Game industry site Gamasutra took a critical look at Final Fantasy 13, and why it may be missing the 'G' in 'RPG'. I'll definitely be getting this game but it's disappointing that Square Enix has essentially dumbed down the game for a wider audience. Ah well, at least it looks better than Final Fantasy 12, right? » And finally, MovieLine reports that a LOST-themed ride may be appearing at a Disney theme park sometime soon, meaning I will finally have to drag my ass to Florida or California (or Hong Kong) so I can ride a smoke monster into the hatch before it explodes. Oh man, that would be sweet. That's quite the list of links, if I do say so myself. That's all, folks.