Already a few days late, but I made it in the end... and isn't that what matters? Anyway, here are three days worth of stuff I found interesting while on the internets. » Game critic Christopher Hyde gives his two cents as to what the best free games of 2009 were. Definitely interesting to see what indie game developers are coming up with although some, like Miami Shark, are just ridiculous. Awesome, but still ridiculous. [via Gamasutra] » Canadian cell phone site MobileSyrup reports that WIND Mobile, the newest player in the Canadian telecom industry, may be the first to bring Google's new Nexus One phone to Canada. Hopefully this seemingly-fierce competition drives Rogers, Bell and Telus (especially Rogers though) to fight as hard to bring smartphones like the Nexus One up north. For some reason, I feel like that's wishful thinking on my part but hey, I can dream, amirite? » io9 posted two articles I found quite interesting. Firstly, they took a look at mysteries still unsolved in Doctor Who. David Tennant's run as the Doctor is over but possible foreshadowing in 'The End of Time' may hint at some exciting things to come in series 5. Secondly, the showrunners of Lost comment on future of the show after the series finale. Will there be a Lost film five years after this May's final episode? A miniseries? Hell, even a reboot? A reboot would be too much, but as long as Lost doesn't pull a Battlestar Galactica in the end, I think I'd be happy returning to it's universe. » Finally, Lifehacker posted an article with tips on how to be a more productive student. Definitely useful for university and college students heading back to school for the Winter semester this week. That's all for today! I shall try to get that Doctor Who review up for Friday. Bye!