I have been meaning to start learning Python for a while now but I did not have much time due to school. Now that I have time off, I decided it was worth taking a look at it. Python is pretty different to what I am used to (which is C and C++). I hear it is very good at letting a programmer quickly create a prototype, and for light processing. It may not be the most efficient language in terms of speed (although it seems pretty quick to me, I have just heard it is not the best for large-scale applications) but it is incredibly easy to use. Two resources I have been using for this is Mark Pilgrim's fantastic Dive Into Python and Google's Python Class. The Google video lectures are actually quite good, as the exercises done in the lectures are available for download. By tomorrow, I should be able to code something small up. Until then, I'll continue to read/watch the material I found. My goal is to try to create a very simple game by the end of the week, most likely tic-tac-toe. I shall be back tomorrow with a progress update!