So I learned three things today:
  1. I bet you are asking yourself "If whitespace plays such an important role in Python's syntax, how can a statement span multiple lines?" Simple! Just enclose the entire, line-spanning statement with parentheses (or curly braces, or square brackets! Just be consistent with which one you use for the sake of the others who might read your code).
  2. Apparently Python does not have incrementation operators, which I find strange for a language which seems to make it as easy for you to code as possible.
  3. PyGame is built around the SDL library. I never knew that... neat.
I have been coding a lot with the Google exercises today; I want to be comfortable with the language before I start to try making games with it. I need to re-read some chapters and re-watch a few videos before I get the hang of it... I expect to be doing a lot of coding this weekend!