No Python today! Instead, I decided that I would like a place to store all of my code in order to keep it organized, and to have that place of storage also track any changes I have made to my source code. Then I realized: I learnt how to do this last semester using SVN! After browsing online for a decent free SVN service, I settled on Google Code. Google being Google, I figure they are pretty reliable and that I won't have to worry about the service going down. Another benefit of hosting my code online is the possibility that some programming guru may stumble upon my project page, look at my code, shake his/her head and start to correct some of the mistakes I may have made. Keeping my work public is a good way to ensure that someone may point out a mistake, or a better way of coding something, that I have not thought of. It's a learning experience! You can find the empty project page here. I expect to be posting a few small programs (and hopefully my first PyGame, Tic Tac Toe) over the weekend, so stay tuned for that.