Phew, it's been a while! My attempt to start blogging regularly has once again failed, but that doesn't mean I will stop trying! In the meantime.... here are a lot of links to things I've found interesting in the past few weeks. And here is hoping that Heroes ends with the season finale tonight... it's hard to put Old Yeller down, but it's necessary. » This PennyArcade comic about Sony's new "reality" show about people who want to test video games for a living really sheds light on how fun that job actually would be. I lol'd. » Lifehacker has two interesting articles today, one of which should be of interest to any Canadian. That would be this article on how to best survive a fall through ice. Useful information that I doubt many people possess. Secondly, an article much more useful to web developers... a Lorem Ipsum-generator for images! This seems quite useful! I'll definitely be bookmarking it for future use. » Aaron sent me this awesome link a week or two ago. This site lets you play old-school Sierra adventure games right from your browser. Not only that, but the site developers have added multiplayer features to these games. Yes, you can play King's Quest IV online with friends. Doesn't work so well but hey, it's kind of novel! » I recently came across some amazing indie games that I am very excited to try out. Firstly, the incredible Boryokudan Rue by Josh Nuernberger. A very Blade Runner-inspired point-and-click game with an incredible soundtrack and some very intriguing looking gameplay, this looks like of one of the best indie releases of 2010. I would gladly pay for this. And here is a list of The Top 10 Indie Metroidvania games, all of which look quite amazing. If there are people on this world who STILL have yet to play through Cave Story, do yourself a favour and download/play it ASAP. » I'm not sure who would actually buy this, but if you've ever needed privacy at work or school to take a nap, this is the product you would use. » io9 posted a gallery of some Doctor Who concept art that was created for the second season and onwards. Also includes some Torchwood concept art. Those are some scary looking Cybermen, and the original design for the Satan Pit looks quite cool. I'm glad they changed the design for the Library Planet though because it's lame. » And finally... is our reality just a projection of the true reality? What the hell does that even mean? If you wish to have your sene of 'real' turned upside down, take this article for a spin.