I have yet to get the hang of my schedule, so I am still having a little trouble with the whole 'time management' concept. Hopefully, I will have everything running 100% in a week or two. In the meantime, I will procrastinate writing any original content by posting links to some interesting stuff! Quite the linkdump here, so get your left-click fingers ready: » IndieGames is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to read. This time, two interesting articles from them. First off, we have a list of the Top 20 Free Platformers of 2009. Three of my favorite things: a 'best of' list, platformer games, and free! For freeware indie games, some of these look mighty impressive. I have yet to try any out yet, hopefully when I have some free time I can. Secondly, another interesting list, this one previewing 10 indie games to be released in2010. Boryokudan Rue looks very cool, and I've been waiting for Fez to be released since I first laid eyes upon it's beautiful pixel-style art, so it looks like 2010 will be an interesting year for the indie scene. » Lifehacker has a link to guide on how to build a router made out of Lego. Yes, a router made out of Lego. Oh, the things you can do with Lego. I'd like to see a fully functioning car made out of Lego, even if it has to be powered ala the Flintstones. » Two very cool gadget-related articles from Engadget. First off, this is what a computer in a car's dashboard SHOULD look like. All sleek and shiny... I am just hoping you can't get internet access on that thing, or I can see the amount of car accidents caused by distraction going wayy up. Another very cool gadget is this digital string-less guitar. Nothing says "I'm playing a guitar in the freakin' future!" like shredding on one of these babies. Personally, acoustic has always been the most pleasing on my ears. » io9 was kind enough to let their readers know that the scripts for the 2009 Doctor Who specials are now online, so obsessed fans can dissect every line and every stage action to solve every last lingering secret surrounding the 10th Doctor. How kind of them... ... anyway... I just remembered I had to read... something. Bye!