I have been working at my co-op job for the past two months, and learning a lot in the process. There has been a wide variety of projects for me to do such as: improving my JavaScript, JSON and AJAX skills by writing a JavaScriptMVC plug-in that interacted with a Riak cluster, learning Ruby and Gherkin by writing automated QA tests with the Cucumber testing framework, testing some RESTful APIs and a variety of other tasks. It has been a lot of fun learning about all these technologies and understanding how a company selling a SaaS goes abput its day-to-day business. Outside of work, I have been busy with personal projects. I started work on a JavaScript-based Lifestreaming script. It will aggregate your online activity from different services into one feed. The source code will be available on my github repo as soon as I feel it is ready to be released. I have also been working on my Brickbreaker clone, which is my next game project,and my last remake before I start some original projects. I managed to get some real art for my game this time around! The background was provided for free by a gentleman off of reddit. The rest of the art was created by my lovely girlfriend. Thanks girlfriend!Preview image from my second game remake.