It has been a busy week! I started Computer Programming & Analysis Monday and while things haven't seem to really gotten started yet, I feel like I am going to enjoy this program a lot. That makes me happy. There are a ton of things I found interesting since Sunday though, so here we go: » foobar2000 finally hit 1.0. I can't believe it, that program was stuck in 'beta' hell! It's my favorite music player for Windows, as it plays nearly every audio format out-of-the-box and is incredibly customizable and light-weight... my favorite qualities in a program! » Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes users do not want privacy online because that's the current social norm. That's right, folks, Facebook defines what's cool and what ain't these days, and clearly privacy is NOT cool. Amirite? » This made me laugh hysterically for a minute or two. Iron Maiden? Excellent! Oh, how I love thee, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. » Lifehacker posted an interesting article on how your passwords may not be as secure as you think, and how to fix that problem. A good read for anyone paranoid about being haxed. » Sarah Palin is in talks with FOX News to become a 'contributor', whatever that means. Is anyone really surprised by this? ... unfortunately, my web host is being quite unreliable and I just lost the other 3/4 of this post. Oh well, I can't be arsed enough to re-write it all. Night!