I've gone ahead and bought six months worth of hosting from BounceWeb, owned by a guy who posts on the same forum as I do. So far, it's been a pleasant experience. I've set up this new blog, which will hopefully be more actively tended to than my WordPress.com hosted one. Some of my goals are to be able to design and implement some beautiful WordPress themes, such as this one I downloaded to use temporarily by digitalnature. Is it ironic that a project I set up to become a better designer is using a theme designed by someone else? Only slightly, but I'd prefer to have a spiffy looking blog for its first few months. I'm sure the quality will drop once I upload my first theme in the near future. Anyway, enough of that rambling. Welcome to my new blog, quite similar to the old one in many ways. I spend a lot of time thinking about a variety of different things. This blog will be used to detail those thoughts for two reasons: firstly, to record any brilliant ideas I may stumble upon and secondly, to hopefully provoke some thoughts of value in those reading this blog. Until then, 'kay thanks bye.