I feel like every blog post I write starts with me trying to explain why I've been neglecting said blog. I hope to have the time and the content to start writing more often, but unfortunately I haven't had much of either lately. So, I am currently continuing my co-op job with Firmex for the next few months until the end of April. I've been doing a lot of JavaScript as of late, which is great because developing web applications in JavaScript is one of my main areas of interest! Technologies like Node.js (server-side JS) and Ember.js (MVC-framework for JS) open up what is possible with JavaScript, and I'll definitely be playing with all of the open-source libraries floating around the Internet. I hope to re-write my website and blog eventually, as I find WordPress is unnecessarily powerful for my needs. In my free time, I've been doing a bit of freelance web application development work, which has been interesting. I'm also still in the planning stages for my first original game release. I'll be targetting Windows and XBox 360 platforms, with the possibility of porting the Windows version to MacOS & GNU/Linux. My Lifestreamer and Brickbreaker projects have been put on hold for now! Well, that's all for now. I hope to post more about my game and web development experiences in the (very) near future.