My first semester back at Seneca@York is now over, leaving me with a little over two weeks of free time before I dive head-first into the second semester. I'm going to be doing another three semesters in-a-row before I allow myself a summer semester. Will this be difficult? Yes. Am I insane for attempting to do this? ...Yes. However, years of shopping around for a post-secondary program that I actually wanted to be in has left me yearning to finish school and get on with life (For some reason, I have a feeling I will wish the opposite in 20 years). I have been trying to get an officially sanctioned 'Game Design & Development' club started at school but it has been difficult to find a teacher willing to mentor & help out, which depresses me greatly. After all, University of Toronto has one, so does Waterloo. I have e-mailed two Seneca professors involved in game development courses if they would help: one said she was too busy with her own research project (which is understandable) and the second one never bothered to respond. I will be very disappointed if no instructors step up and lend a hand with this, and I'll be forced to start an unofficial club. Officially or unofficially, it will happen. I am going to Cuba for a week with my girlfriend this Saturday, and by the time I get back, my second semester will be a day away from beginning. Because of that, I hope to finish learning the basics of Python this week, as well as setting up the website for the unofficial S@Y Game Dev/Design club. Aside from that, it will be a lazy week. I will probably make another post or two before I leave about Python & the Unofficial Game Dev. club. Cool stories, Hansel? I thought so too!