Docs Ain’t Easy

I have discovered something new about myself: it is much easier to write code than to document it. I think I need to spend a little more time getting familiar with the code base. How can one document something if they don’t completely understand it? Very poorly. I won’t have a gh-page of substance to show in class tomorrow (or rather, today) but I’m still hoping to get some feedback on what kind of site we want: simple and single page vs. complex and multi-page.

The Story So Far

After Humph mentioned gource during Monday’s class, I was interested to see what our progress so far would look like. So for your viewing pleasure, I present to you libwebvtt: The Story So Far…

I thought creating this video would be a simple but things rarely are. I had trouble producing a video using the x264 codec in an mp4 container so I decided to try WebM as my video codec. I had to re-install ffmpeg with homebrew to support libvpx, the VP8 Codec SDK. Then I had to play around with the gource flags until I got something that worked. man pages ftw! This is the command I ended up using to generate the above video:

gource --title "libwebvtt" --key --auto-skip-sseconds 2 --multi-sampling --start-position 0.01 --hide "progress,mouse" -1920x1080 -0 - | ffmpeg -y -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vcodec libvpx -b:a 10000K gource.webm