I think "The Great TV Binge of 2008-2010" is finally over. I finished The Wire on Friday night and it was spectacular. Now that I'm finally done going through every television series I was interested in watching, I'll have lots of time to learn more about programming & game. Speaking of finishing things, I finally finished Mass Effect for PC last night, which led me to frantically order a copy of Mass Effect 2 from Amazon. I think I'll give my two cents on the first game later tonight. Until then, more interesting links! It's been a slow week but there were still a few gems among the rough. » The Frank Oz-directed Death at a Funeral was a fantastically hilarious film. So why is it necessary to have an American 'urbanized' remake, less than 3 years after the original was released? With Chris Rock and no Alan Tudyk? Set sail for fail! At least Peter Dinklage, aka Tyrion Lannister, will be in it. » Hey, what a surprise! Some studies done at various American universities posit that good gamers not only have bigger brains than non-gamers, but also learn better as well. See, mom? All that time playing video games DID pay off! » I know The Daily Mail is not the most reliable news site, but this story made me feel sick. A 13-year old Saudi girl sentenced to 90 lashes for bringing a cell phone to school? These indoctrinated fools will use anything as an excuse to keep women on the bottom of the social ladder. It's pretty sad. "Religion of peace", my ass. » New details regarding the first true Legend of Zelda game built from the ground-up for the Wii are starting to surface online. Here is a site I found with a few details. Sounds like this entry in the series is going to give the gameplay a much-needed revamp. Colour me intrigued! » Now this is cool. A programmer who works for Crytek (Crysis, Far Cry 1) and a 3D modeller developed this system for a "Structural Procedural Demo" which can generate an entire city, along with it's interior, for a game or simulation setting. Video included in the link. I have to say, the possibilites for this in a game like GTA, or (*crosses fingers*) Shenmue 3 are mindblowing. I can't even imagine how long it would take to do something like that manually. Of course, at first I can't imagine the interiors of buildings having too much detail or layout variety, but that is something that can be tweaked over time. » And to end off this post, two posts from io9 that make me quite happy. Firstly, Stephen Fry wants to write an episode for the new season of Doctor Who. For the love of dog, YES PLEASE! Fry's sense of humour would be a perfect match for the Doctor. I really hope he ends up writing an episode, as long as the word "Geronimo" is not even uttered once. Finally, BOOM! Comics, creators of the Farscape comics, are launching a new Farscape comic series starring... Scorpius! Best sci-fi villain ever gets his own comic series? In on day one. Okay, class time. Bye!