Unfortunately, there will be no Doctor Who review. Perhaps when season five begins, I will start reviewing episodes but with my first semester in Computer Programming & Analysis starting tomorrow, I'm afraid I didn't have the time! As a consolation prize, here are some links to cool stuff I found on internets this weekend. » After the news that Rogers would not be upgrading the HTC Dream to a newer version of Android, customers must have complained because MobileSyrup reported that Rogers is offering free upgrades to Dream owners up to a HTC Magic. The only difference between the two really is that the Dream has a physical QWERTY keyboard (the Magic does not) and that the Magic has twice the RAM that the Dream does (512 to the Dream's 256, I believe). I don't think I can give up my keyboard though. Plus the screen is tiny enough as it is, a virtual keyboard taking up half of the screen wouldn't be desirable. Looks like I gotta take the hax0r route after all. » Hey, look what Engadget found in Intel's CES booth! 3D TV sans silly looking glasses! Although it seems you have to be looking at the screen at a certain angle for it to work, this is definitely a step in the right direction. I don't think many people want to wear 3D glasses in their homes. » Lifehacker found this cool guide on how to take dramatic-looking photos using a neat trick with straws. Definitely a trick I'll be using to reach my goal of becoming a male model. » Two interesting articles from io9 this weekend. I love that site. Anyway, first off: LOST, an incredible TV series, may have it's veins sucked dry post-mortem . io9 reports that ABC/Disney is definitely interested in keeping the LOST franchise alive after the final season ends this May. Hey, I'm all for it as long as it's a spin-off about Locke and his mysterious past as a box factory employee. How will that fit into the mystery? Oh, I'm sure we will see. Secondly, an interesting article about whether happiness would be possible if humans were immortal. Science fiction author and philosopher (an interesting mix) Russell Blackford argues that we could be. An interesting argument, but I'm not sure where I stand on it yet. » And to finish off, I leave you all with this image of Jesuscat. Thank you, and goodnight!