It would seem that things did not go according to plan after all. School got in the way, and it has been difficult to think about anything but that for the past few months. Now that I have some time off, I no longer have any excuses for getting this show on the road. It is pretty funny looking back at my first post and seeing that much has changed in the relatively short span of six months. The school year is done with, although a month and a half later than it should have finished. Battlestar Galactica had a bittersweet ending, LOST's penultimate season is over and the final stretch is on the horizon, Heroes had a sub par third season that ended with a glimmer of hope for the next season and Fringe went from okay to awesome in the matter of a season. Since then, I have devoured a few more series which now have permanent places in my heart, such as Farscape, Futurama and Deadwood. The amount of schoolwork in the past few months has put a damper in my gaming habits, but I have just finished playing inFamous and I after I give it another playthrough, I will post a review. I have also decided to try to take up programming as a hobby... we will see how that goes, as this blog will act as a testament of my journey into C. My intentions have not changed, they have just been delayed. Unfortunately, my time management skills went on a decline during the school year but I hope to built them up again so there would not be an eight month delay between the last post before the summer ends and the next one. I have to go, but I will be back soon... this time, I mean it!